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The Wooden Pearl
The Bear Song
Die Zeit  ~ Live ~ in Altenburg
Elbtour 21 der Film
Emerald Artist Series: Sylvia Massy & Driftwood Holly
Abenteuer in Kanada - Im Yukon bei Musiker Driftwood Holly
Driftwood Holly - Zinnkammern Pöhla
BEAR SONG - Driftwood Holly Musikvideo - with rare footage from our journey on the Yucon River
ERZgang - Gespräch mit Driftwood Holly

"Driftwood Holly is from the land of Bears & Moose and Mammoths & Mastodons.
He plays his songs with absolute authority. Whether he sings of the wilds of the forest Or the wilds of the heart, Holly is the genuine article.
Living off the land, hunting and fishing to survive, he and his family have made their home in the wilderness. A few years back I was privileged to
visit his home in the Yukon.
We recorded his songs as we floated on the river in the little houseboat called The Wooden Pearl. As you listen to Holly's songs, I urge you to close your eyes
-and you'll sense the great river, the flocks of geese, and the unbelievable stillness."

Sylvia Massy


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