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"Driftwood Holly is a story trapper that charms an audience with the evocation and authenticity of his songs." - Skye Wallace

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Driftwood Holly is an Adventure ~ Musician who calls Dawson City his base camp. From competitive ski jumping to being a guard on the Berlin Wall, from mushing dogs through the wilderness to building funky houseboats, Holly is always on the move. "Dream ~ Catcher," his latest release in 2022, is his fourth album, all of which are related to adventure projects. He selects unique and special venues for his performances, adding an extra dose of magic to his music and storytelling. You can find him worldwide, embracing new adventures and transforming his experiences into heartfelt music that will leave you wanting more.

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Driftwood Holly


Dream Catcher 

This extraordinary journey began with the ambitious task of building a ship and traveling down the majestic river Elbe. This audacious adventure led us to the first-ever aquatic concert tour, an experience that has shaped our new album, "Dream ~ Catcher." The record represents the Zeitgeist of some of the wildest days on our journey, aiming to create the extraordinary. Fully fan-funded, this work presents the perfect union between a devoted tribe of supportive audience and a band that masterfully navigates the universe of musical storytelling. This album will get you hooked to this bunch of soulful vagabonds as their velvet folk seamlessly transforms into rock hard grooviness. And as for Captain Driftwood? Words fail to capture the magic that awaits – you have to come and see.

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