"Driftwood Holly is a story trapper that charms an audience with the evocation and authenticity of his songs." - Skye Wallace



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The first of Holly's Happy Hour Show aired live on Facebook on Friday March 20th, 2020. Broadcasting from my home and other magic places was always my dream. Now I’m ready and feel very good to “Home~Tour” this way. It helps me to bring my show to you and you can enjoy it in your favourite way.

It’s emotional, it’s spontaneous and it is real. Some of the shows will be in English and some in German.

Welcome to my new musical adventure and I’m hopeful this doesn’t just keep us very well entertained, I’m convinced it will do us good. Everybody is invited and if you feel like this deserves to buy a virtual ticket, there is a donate button on the top of this site.

I appreciate if you could share these events all over the place.

I will see YOU……
Driftwood Holly

"Mothers" Goes Global

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Upcoming Shows

The Home Touring 2020

 Holly's Happy Hour

Life on Facebook

May 30th ~ 20:00 Berlin Time ~ last German Show

May 22nd ~ 20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show

MMMay 15th ~ 20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show

May 10th ~ 4pm PT  ~ Canada Performs

May 8th ~ 20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show

May 1st ~ 20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show

April 27th ~ 7pm PT ~Not close but Personal Concert Series 

April 24th~20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show

April 17th~20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show

April 10th~20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show

April 3rd~20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show

March 27th~20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show

March 20th~20:00 Berlin Time ~ German Show




I’m Driftwood Holly and my life's basecamp is in the Yukon. Here lives the muse of the north, helping me to create my music and stories. Living so far in Canadas North changes everything and amplifies Art in it's mysterious ways. My stories give you deep inside into my adventures, failures and glorious moments, I was lucky to live through. I hope my work connects with you, makes you feel content, calms you when you need it and excites you to be alive. Thanks for checking in...its not gonna be boring ..i promise.

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The making of "Casanova"





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